Custom Gages
PG&T designs and builds to your specification special manual gages and masters which utilize all types of air and electronic gage sensors to meet a
wide variety of quality control applications. PG&T can also provide special
semi-automatic gages (manually loaded with automatic gaging features)
and masters which utilize various gage sensors and instrumentation to
accommodate complex inspection requirements.

Standard go/no-go, plug and thread gages, as well as specially designed
flush, push-pin, template and sight gages can be furnished to satisfy a wide
variety of fixed gage needs. Special-design dial indicator gages and masters
can be furnished to solve most inspection problems.

Typical custom gages include:
     • Attribute gages            • Semi-automatic gages
     • Masters                        • Radial play gages
     • Dial indicator gages  • Fiber gages
     • Paper gages               • Flatness gages

Grind Gages  •   Air/Electronic Gaging   •   Custom Gages  •   Railroad Gages

custom gages